Mission Statement

Building- GAPS identifies an organization that has a housing or infrastructure that needs expansion or refurbishing.  We then either contract with local contractors or provide the materials and labor and complete the project.  Our first project is to build an expanded enrichment area for the baby orangutans at the OFI care center in Borneo.  The second project is of the same nature for the chimpanzees at the care center in Africa.  The baby elephants at a care center in Africa are also in line to have their enrichment and housing areas expanded.

Enrichment- Rescued animals, babies and adults, need daily reinforcement of their natural instincts.  Enrichment is a fancy way of saying that they need daily activities that mimic what they do in the wild.  It can be as simple as daily climbing, like in the video of Charlie, or an area where they learn to put dirt and mud on their backs to avoid sunburn.

Education- The only way to preserve the wild animals of the world is through education.  If these animals are to survive then it is up to us to make sure the children of the world learn about them and their importance to the world and nature.  Our educational materials and videos are distributed via Internet and DVDs worldwide.  Our dream is to expose every child, in its early school years, to animal conservation and preservation.  Hopefully we can create a desire within them to continue what has begun so that every future generation will be able to experience the beauty of these animals.


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