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Help us raise $250,000 to support interactive education and national outreach programs focused at elementary/high school levels, GAPS is going to let the world know that Charlie and his friends need help!

Are you ready to help make a difference in the life of Charlie and the other orangutans in Borneo and around the world? Join us in helping to make that happen! Our mission is to raise the $1.1 million needed to open the orangutan sanctuary in 2015. We can do it, but we need your help to make it happen!

When you make a donation, you can take comfort from knowing that your donation is going to help Charlie and the other orangutans be that much closer to the comfortable, safe and nurturing environment that they need. Thousands of mother orangutans throughout the world, and especially in Borneo, are being killed by clear-cutting, fires, and other threats, leaving many babies to fend for themselves. Problem is, they can’t survive without help!

Baby orangutans usually stick with their mothers for roughly six years, in order to learn all they need to know to survive on their own. Left as babies, they are destined to a sad ending. This is why the Global Animal Protection Society exists. We are going to change the fate of these amazing animals, and you can help us do it!

Even the smallest donation will help. In the end, it all adds up. We need just $1.1 million to create a sanctuary that can give them a natural area in which to live, learn and thrive. Could you imagine if just over one million people in the world donated just one dollar? Such a small amount and yet, in the end, all of our combined efforts add up and will pay off in a big way! The sanctuary will not only help the severely endangered animals, but will also be a place that gives visitors a chance to stop by, learn more about protecting endangered animals, and learn more about how they can help support our efforts.

This is your time to help make the world a better place. You know you want to help animals, but you may not have known how to go about doing it. This is it! The orangutans of Borneo need us all. They need us to step up, do what we can, and change their fate for the better. We at GAPS are ready to help. Are you? Make your donation today so we can be one step closer to funding the sanctuary that Charlie and his friends will call home!

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