Orangutan & Animal Sanctuary

Are you ready to visit the orangutans of Borneo? Just imagine the experience you will head home with, as you share your stories with others. Feeding baby orangutans. Interacting with the adult ones. It’s an experience of a lifetime!

Our mission here at the Global Animal Protection Society is to help all endangered animals, but particularly the critically endangered orangutans of Borneo. Currently, we use our fundraising efforts to raise money to help organizations around the world care for and protect endangered animals. But our vision is to create an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo where rescued animals can live out their lives in a safe, natural environment.

In order to help Charlie, the orangutan we are caring for, and his friends, we need to raise $1.1 million. The funds raised will be used to build an interactive sanctuary where orangutans, and other endangered animals, can receive the protection and care that they need in order not only to survive, but also to thrive!

The animals at the sanctuary will not be the only ones that get benefit. You can, too! You can plan a trip to the sanctuary, creating a once in a lifetime experience that your family will never forget. Just imagine being able to spend time with those adorable little orangutans, reaching out a hand to touch their delicate bodies.

Visiting the sanctuary is something you will not want to miss. When you take this incredible journey you will:

  • Be one of the few. There are only 400 people per year that are allowed to visit the sanctuary. Visiting the sanctuary is an exclusive opportunity that is only available on a limited basis.
  • Get unforgettable interaction. This is a dream vacation for those who love animals and want to make the connection with orangutans. Spend your day choosing the activity that you would like to do. You can spend your time with the baby orangutans, helping to feed, hold, and play with them, or you can head off to Camp Leakey, where you can spend your time interacting with adult orangutans. Both options provide an amazing and unique experience.
  • Experience amazing diversity. The sanctuary is more than just a place for the orangutans (although they usually steal the show). You will find a diverse range of animal life at the sanctuary, including sun bear, crocs, and other species. As you may recall, we help all species that need our assistance, so you never know what you will see at the sanctuary. From endangered species to local ones, you will see them all!

Visiting our sanctuary will give you a heart-warming, memorable, and life-changing experience. Your accommodations will include a lavish private island hut that has all the modern day comforts, including air conditioning, a luxurious bathroom, and more. Your meals will be provided by our world class chef, providing you with an amazing culinary experience that is hard to beat.

We have the plans, the caring staff to work in the sanctuary, amazing volunteers standing by, and the orangutans, all waiting for the vision of a sanctuary to become a reality. But the only way that can happen is with your help. Don’t think that only large donations are wanted or needed. Every donation puts us one step closer to building our sanctuary and providing the supportive care that these amazing animals need and deserve. Please make your donation today!

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