Gaps History


Global Animal Protection Society, GAPS, was founded by 2 successful small business owners, John Gallucci and Neal Weisman.  Neal and John wanted to turn their love for animals into tangible benefits for the endangered animals of the world.  They knew there were many fine organizations already up and running that were doing well for the animals and could use their help.  Once they began their search of the right one to help, they realized that nearly all of these organizations had a common problem.  Daily they had to decide between; housing, food and healthcare for their resident animals.  These decisions are literally life and death for the animals, so as you can imagine healthcare is after food and housing is after healthcare and ancillary enrichment needs are last.  Together they knew that something had to be done to help these fine organizations fill the gaps created when fund raising does not meet needs.  GAPS provides resources and money to organizations worldwide.    Our goal is to Build – Enrich – Educate!


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